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Monday, April 10, 2006

Here (if you can see) is the rescue attempt made by a few sadly inept do-gooders who had a rope and no idea of physics.

I suspect that Captain Binbag, hasn't cancelled his order from Pizza Hut yet.

Do they deliver to life rafts?

That would be an interesting plot twist to Lost wouldn't it?

Right then. I'm off to deal with my sunburn...

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Here he is not feeling like Sinbad the sailor, more like binbag the fart inhaler. He was still wearing his uniform when we went past, but I suspect it didn't smell too fresh.

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Sally, Denis and I went to Ajman beach for a walk with the dogs and found a huge ship which had run aground. It looked like a scene from Pirates Of The Caribbean, but a bit more crap and no Johhny Depp.

I guess it was more shit if you were the captain and had to live in a liferaft for 3 days keeping and eye on the boat (so noboy nicked it?) and waiting for a high enough tide to head home. I doubt his bosses pay overtime... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Oh, I almost forgot.

I got my picture with Gary Christian.

Now let's go out and get chicks...

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I don't think I should call the Police. They might thing I did it. They will call me a twat. Probably in Arabic.

Ho Hum.

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Every morning I take my dogs TJ(boxer) & Cat (German shepherd) swimming on Sharjah beach. It is a real stress buster and helps me to plan my dayand level my head.
Today we discovered a woman lying on the beach which made me feel like someone from CSI...
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